Discover their True Colour

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We understand that everyone, and every business is unique, which is why we have developed and tested a series of courses available for you and your staff. Before our courses are even launched, we always fully test run and quality assure each module – to ensure they offer the best results for all parties involved. Browse our extensive Wellbeing & Mental Health packages below.

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Courses for Businesses

We offer a range of courses tailored for your employees and colleagues. We aim to empower and equip your team with the right skills and positive mindsets they need to flourish in life and their career. Our courses include all the latest techniques and skills within clinical therapy practices. Whether you have people that require counselling or need help in overcoming anxiety - we have a range of courses available for businesses in the Norwich and Norfolk area.

Prices from
£85 per person

BRAVE Course

On the BRAVE Course, your employees will learn to understand themselves better, acknowledge their limitations and celebrate their strengths. But most importantly, it will give them tools to improve their mental and physical health. A new future for your business can start today!

Prices from
£135 per person

True Colour Course

True Colour will give your staff the tools to discover who the 'really' are and what they need to maintain a healthy mental well-being. Invest now and see your employees go from strength to strength.

Prices from
£65 per person


This course helps employees understand and unmask anxiety for what it really is. During this 3.5 hours course we will support and empower them to use an arsenal of anxiety-beating weapons, when applied consistently, can transform their lives and make them a more effective workforce.

Prices from
£225 per person

MBTI™ Course

Knowledge truly is power and with Myers Briggs the power is now in your hands. This fantastic course provides a way for teams to learn more about how they work, both as individuals and as a team. This in turn allows them to gain a greater understanding of each other, and achieve more with less stress. Try it today!