Discover their True Colour

We understand that everyone is unique, which is why we have developed and tested a series of courses available for your students. All our courses are evaluated based on the feedback from attendees and adapted accordingly, to continue to be relevant and cater for the needs of young people today. Mental health tools are always changing and we aim to bring the most up to date and effective techniques possible. Find the course that best suits your students' needs below...

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Courses for schools

We offer a range of courses tailored for your students with the aim to empower and equip them with the right skills, knowledge and positive mindsets they need to flourish in life. Whether you have those that require help in overcoming anxiety or building resilience - we have a range of courses available for schools in the Norwich and Norfolk area.

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£125 per person

True Colour Course

The True Colour course will give your students the knowledge and tools to become more self-aware; build on their strengths, and develop and maintain a healthy mental wellbeing. Invest in their future with this 8-hour course and watch the transformation as they become their True Colour and bring their unique contribution to the classroom!

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£50 per person


Do you have students who are struggling with anxiety? Is it limiting their life? In these important and vital years of character development, it's essential for us to equip our young people with tools and resilience to overcome anxiety and thrive in the world. Partner with us today to support your students in the best way possible!

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£70 per person

True Colour Wellness

We understand that there's a struggle since the Covid-19 pandemic to provide effective mental health support without compromising students' learning. Therefore, we have combined aspects of the True Colour and BEATTS Course to produce an impacting course with less time spent out of the classroom.