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We offer a wide range of courses tailored to best suit those in our community. Whether you’re a student struggling with anxiety or a business owner wanting to support your employees, we have a course for you. Our courses include some of the latest techniques and insights within neuroscience; are easy to understand and practical to use. Have a browse through our courses below and see how we can support you today.

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Through our courses we aim to equip and enable young people to discover their true selves and walk in the freedom that it brings. When they are secure in who they are, it goes leaps and bounds towards to maintaining robust mental health and building resilience for navigating life’s challenges. Propel them into their brighter future today.

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Our aim is to equip and empower people from all walks of life to embark on a journey of self-discovery and build towards a more resilient mental wellbeing. We believe these factors are foundational to creating a healthier, more productive & thriving workplace. Invest today for a greater impact tomorrow.

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As a company, we strive towards helping you further discover who you are in a safe and comfortable environment. Whether you are looking for personalised therapeutic support through our 1-2-1 sessions or practical insight with like-minded individuals - we have it all. So don’t let anything hold you back; begin your True Colour journey today.

Why choose us?

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At True Colour, your wellbeing is important to us. We're on a mission to make a better world by encouraging people to shine bright and shine true. This can only be achieved when they embrace their authentic and brilliant selves. That's where we come in, we're here to empower you, your employees, colleagues or students to go out into the world and make a difference!

Our experience

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Our trainers and team have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to working with people of all ages and mental health. Their passion is to bring all of what they have learned and use it to empower and equip individuals to become the best version of themselves and walk in their uniqueness with confidence.

We're qualified

Our team hold qualifications in many different fields, including Psychology, MBTI, Youth Work and more. We are dedicated to continually developing ourselves and gaining knowledge to ensure that what we provide is up to date and dynamic. Whether in one-to-one therapy sessions or on our courses, we want to deliver the best possible training and most effective tools for maximum impact.

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We provide you with knowledge

Providing knowledge and understanding to help everyone on their self-discovery journey is a key component of what we do. We aim to enable you to be more authentic and confident in all aspects of your lives, both in and outside of the home.

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We empower you

By empowering you to use this knowledge, it enables you to make better choices and step out of your comfort zone. This will strengthen you to embrace your uniqueness, build greater confidence and maintain resilience to reach your full potential.

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Feel hopeful, not hopeless!

Instilling hope to all that embark on the True Colour journey that no matter where you come from or who you are, you are significant and can make a unique impact and contribution to the world around you.

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Meet our team...



My name is Cindy and I am student currently studying for a Master in Applied Positive Psychology. I have a beautiful 11-year old daughter and I live in Norwich, but am originally for Scotland. I love working for True Colour because I love seeing young people understand new things about themselves and seeing them develop. I enjoy dancing and spending time with family and friends.


Creative Director & Operations Manager

Hi, I am Megan and I'm currently studying at College in Sydney! I have been involved with True Colour since the beginning, helping ensure that the courses and material we provide are culturally relevant and in tune with the needs of young people today, as well as the creative design aspect of the company. I am invested in True Colour as we address issues I've seen first hand with many of my friends, and want to be part of the solution.


Founder & Lead Therapist

My name is Tracy, and I am married with two wonderful teenagers. I am a trainer and therapist and founded True Colour in 2017 with the help of my daughter, after seeing the struggles her friends were facing with issues around low self-esteem, anxiety, etc. True Colour was birthed out of my own journey through these same issues, and I wanted to pass on the tools and techniques I had learned to help them overcome and live flourishing lives. I love working with the team, who are passionate and gifted.

We have a lot of happy clients!

See what our customers say

"I work with 16-24 year olds and help them to access education, employment or training through our programme called On Track. The young people we work with are often left feeling helpless as they battle with their anxieties having previously tried different things that often only work in the short term.

The B.E.A.T.T.S course has given our young people a real in depth understanding of how anxieties manifest themselves and even goes into the science behind anxiety, which is always really helpful. Tracy and her team have come in four times and delivered the B.E.A.T.T.S course to our young people. This course continues to act as a fantastic tool for our young people and arms them with strategies and techniques they can use in a practical way in order to better cope with and ultimately eliminate their anxieties.

I would highly recommend the course for any other provider who work with young people and any young people who want to be able to tackle their anxieties in a way which will have a long-lasting impact."

"True Colour has been a hugely successful programme for both our male and female students across Key Stage 4. Often students approach the first workshop feeling somewhat daunted and uncertain, but by the end they are enthusiastic, more confident and much more self-aware.

Many students feedback that True Colour has changed their perspectives and changed their lives for the better as they now have the tools to equip themselves when dealing with the pressures that life throws at them.

The attendance of many who have attended the course has also increased. The True Colour Team are full of warmth and highly passionate about working with young people. They manage to engage students personally whilst always being consummate 

We have been running True Colour for a few years now and hope to run it for many more to come."

"The True Colour experience was brilliant from start to finish. Tracy and her team are professional, warm and welcoming to all students that immediately puts them at ease. What they deliver during the sessions is fantastic and teaches the students to look at themselves in a completely different light. 

The students felt liberated and empowered by the whole experience to the point where many of the students who took part still regularly talk about the strategies and skills that they learned and continue to use on a regular basis.

I would wholeheartedly recommend the True Colour experience to any school and this is reflected in the positive impact that they had on all of our students who took part."